BARAN in partnership with Care of Afghan Families (CAF) has implemented the partnership contract for health services (PCH) project in cluster-1 of Badakhshan province with the objectives of reducing maternal and newborn mortality, reducing under five mortalities and improving child health and nutrition.

Totally one district hospital, 1 CHC+, 6 CHCs, 19 BHCs and 3 SHCs and 233 HPs for a total population of 537,400 with special focus on women and Children.

At the same time this project provided the opportunity to improve quality of health care services at health facility levels by provision of regular initial, refresher and on the job trainings to the health workers on relevant topics.

In this project BARAN had the direct responsibility of six health facilities as well as health facilities staff’s capacity building where conducted the following trainings:

BCC (Behavioral Change Communication), BFCC (Breast Feeding Counseling Course), C-GMP (Community based – Growth Monitoring Program), CHS (Community Health Supervisor), C-IMCI (Community based – Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses), ETS (Effective Teaching Skills), HMIS (Health Management Information System), IP (Infection Prevention). The project was started in November 2009 and ended in June 2015.

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