BPHS Implementation (SEHAT-I) In Samangan Province

Since 1st Jan 2014 BARAN is implementing the BPHS in Samangan province in partnership with Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan (AADA) with objectives of reducing maternal and newborn mortality, reducing under five mortality and improving child health and nutrition.  Totally 3 District Hospital (DHs), 4 Comprehensive Health Centers (CHCs), 13 Basic Health Centers (BHCs), 9 Sub Health Centers (SHCs), and 180 Health Posts (HPs) as well as one prison health  are covered by this project for a population of 391,887 in the province. The project is leaded by a joint steering committee from representatives of BARAN and AADA at the HQ level. While the project manager is leading the project at the provincial level and is reportable to the steering committee.

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