Organizational Structure

BARAN has a high level of Board of Trustees for strategic decisions and board of directors for daily management of the organizations. These structures allow us to think strategically and implement efficiently. BARAN has Internal Control System (ICS) and projects audit.

The following indicates the Board of Directorates qualification:

  1. Dr. Said Husain Shah Hashimi with MD degree, MPH Masters of Public Health from Jodhpur University India in the capacity of Executive Director;
  2. Dr. Azim Omid with MD Degree, in the capacity of Technical Director;
  3. Mr. Farid Ahmad Ayobi holding the bachelor of administration and diplomacy from Law faculty of Kunduz University in the capacity of Operation Director.
  4. Eng. Farid Haider holds Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Geoscience Faculty of Kabul University and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) on Nation Economy from Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan Institute of Higher Education in the capacity of Finance and Reporting Director.

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